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To rejoin visit  Sporty HQ website.

You can pay using credit card, bacs or cash

You must be a member of the Rec Soc before joining or renewing membership of the squash club.

Complete the Associate master form below and send it to

Once a member of the Rec.Soc you can join the squash club, either with the form Squash Club Membership or via the on-line system online form

Member Benefits

The squash club have four regulation squash courts. Court fees are only £1.00 per session, each session lasts 50 minutes. There is also a small shop selling balls and grips available to members.

Can Non-AWE Employees Join?

The squash club is open to non AWE employees. However you cannot just turn up and play, you need to become a member of the AWE Recreation Society (Rec.Soc) and then the squash club. Costs are approximately £66 per year for the Rec. Soc and £30 per year for the squash club. In order to register please use the forms below and send these to us via the Contact Us form.

Associate Master App Form
Squash Club Membership